Hey Friends! I’m Tonya, and I absolutely love sharing this oily life with my husband, Mike. We have six children and two grandchildren, all who use oils daily.

Mike serves as a pastor, while I homeschool our kids. We LOVE to travel, which our time in the Air Force nurtured. We got to live all over the world, and we love to go back and visit old friends while also exploring new places.

I’ve been dabbling with oils for about 15 years, but only started sharing with others about them about three years ago. We really saw the difference with Young Living oils when it came to immune system support. The Thieves line and the NingXia Red totally rocked our world. And we were hooked!

I love to diffuse oils in pretty much every room of our house. No more toxic candles and plug ins! Those things are literally killing us! I can hit you up with some great diffuser recipes if you’d like to try some fun scents! Some of my favorite recipes: Thin Mint and Anthropologie candle.

I can’t wait to get to know you better and share all about the fabulous oils! Immune system help? Want to totally stay ahead of the latest respiratory issue? We’ve got you covered. I so much prefer staying above that wellness line rather than clawing to get to it. You too?

I would love to help you get started with your very own Premium Starter Kit! It’s the BEST deal around: 50% off for 11 oils and a diffuser. Plus, I will send you an awesome welcome gift that includes some reference materials to help you KNOW what to do at 2am if your family needs some support and you don’t know who to call. I will also be sending you a gorgeous diffuser necklace, and some surprise goodies to help get you started. Totally fun box coming your way!

If you’d like to connect and talk first, feel free to shoot me an email. We can chat on the phone or text, too. Just let me know which you prefer. Otherwise, feel free to hop onto the Young Living website and grab your kit here: I want oils!

Instagram: @tonya.chapa
email: tonya.chapa@gmail.com



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